Customer service

We will do our utmost to deliver quality products. Still, it is possible that a product is not to your expectations. Our promise is that we will always take your complaint serious and try to find a reasonable solution that is acceptable for you.

We point at the fact that all scarves are hand printed in a limited edition. Because of the hand work it is always possible that small mistakes are made, or that the dye has faded a bit. That makes the scarves unique and belongs to the characteristics of the product.

Whenever you are not satisfied, you can resend the product. Obviously some rules are associated to that, where both parties commit to. Used or washed products cannot be accepted, as products that are damaged. We expect you to inform us as soon as you can when receiving a product that is not up to standard.

Jacob and Jacoba has an interest to keep up with quality of products and service. Please let us know when you are not satisfied. If you have suggestions to improve, please let us know.