Philosophy Jacob and Jacoba

Jacob and Jacoba combines passion for scarves with one goal: develop exclusive timeless pieces meant to be worn by the next generation.

The scarves are known for their fine quality and timeless graphic design. They are meant to outlive passing trends without losing appeal and modernity. The scarves are handprinted in small numbers (limited editions) in order to safeguard the exclusive character of the scarves. This family company is named after Jacob the grandfather from fathers side and Jacoba the grandmother from mothers side. The family traditions were an inspiration for simple, strong and powerful designs. We do hope our philosophy and our scarves will please you in wearing Jacob and Jacoba with as much pleasure we had in producing them.

Jacob and Jacoba is a Dutch based company. It's products are designed in the Netherlands. All suppliers of the handcrafted products are visited by us personally to ensure an honest and high quality way of production.